It's not always easy being green, but it sure does feel good! As ideas and opportunities come within our reach, we eagerly seize them in order to tread more lightly upon our planet. Below are a few examples of the choices we have made.

Our Mascot! We have adopted the native Red Legged Frog as our mascot! Besides being darn cute, it is also listed as a "Threatened" species. It being our mascot, we hope many more people will be aware of its existence and the need for habitat, protected wetlands, healthy forests and clean water. We both have a lot in common.

Saving Trees! Our thoughtful marketing plan does not require mass printing or distribution of paper materials and our customers receive electronic information in place of printed instructions.

Snacks & Beverages: Our customers receive Scout Bar to sustain their energy on the water. We ask customers to bring their own reusable water bottles to prevent dehydration during the tour, but we will supply bottled Earth 2 O water when necessary. Of course, we recycle!

Reused materials: Old shrimp fishing nets are perfect safety devices for laying down at slippery launch sites. We like to reuse stuff!

Transportation Footprint: Each season we conscientiously plan our tour schedule to reduce miles traveled within our 100 mile service area. This can be logistically challenging in trying to match our customers schedules with natures tidal cycles, but

Environmental Stewardship: You are likely to see our guides picking up discarded plastic wrappers, fishing tackle, bottles and whatever else is feasible without compromising our water rescue capabilities.

In August of 2006, we rescued a resident red-tailed hawk that was tangled in fishing line and hanging from a tree with a hook in its wing. It now flies free, proud and healthy in the Tillamook Bay area.

Community & Civic Involvement: Our contributions to the Tillamook County Water Trail Map, organizing a coastal Nature-Based Tourism Summit in 2004, and continued general public education are all efforts to shape an emerging coastal nature-base economy.

Future Goals: We are enthusiastically seeking the means to acquire a bio-fueled van to haul our trailer and gear. Cost and access to a dependable fuel source are current barriers. Any Ideas?

Purchasing gear and kayaks made from recycled materials is also high on our list. We are still researching product availability and costs. It is challenging to find non-petroleum based products that are still safe and effective in an aquatic environment.

We welcome any ideas you can share with us and examples of what others have found it possible to do.

Thank you for your commitment to a safer and healthier planet!