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Sand Lake, Stockton

Judy and I want to let you both know how much we enjoyed ourselves and learned during the time with Paul. We covered all that I hoped for, and gained essential knowledge for our future kayaking trips to the Oregon coast. Paul is a great instructor, and the experience gave Judy a huge step up in her confidence and ability on the water. I've ordered a dry suit so I can continue paddling this winter and I expect we'll be out your way next spring for some more of your tours. Thanks again, Best Regards,
David 9/29/2009 - 9/1/09

Totally great experience! We'll see Paul and hopefully you too soon. Patsie & Bob - 9/1/09

I have been meaning to thank you for a splendid kayak tour, but been too busy with lots of visitors. So thanks very much, we enjoyed it and the choice of Cape Mears Lake was perfect. Hope to join you again in the future.Susan 8/27/09

Just wanted to drop you a line to express our thanks for organising such a great trip yesterday. We especially want to thank Paul who was a wonderful guide and we really appreciate the time he gave to us. We've never kayaked before but felt completely safe down to Paul's professionalism and excellent instruction. Paul's knowledge of the local area and history of the Killamook/Tillamook tribes was fascinating and Pete and I feel inspired to read more about the area. Lottie and Ben also loved the experience so much that we're all going to join the local kayaking club back home! Gill 8/18/09 (Canada)

Preparing a Group for a Day on the Water

I had a great time Saturday on the kayak trip. The instructor, Paul, was very thorough. All most more instruction than I could hold in my head. The demonstration of the capsize was the first I had ever seen. Much less scary now. Especially helpful were how to get back in the kayak from water level. Patricia 8/10/09

I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you what a great time we had yesterday. The setting was perfect for us. Very calm, beautiful, quiet. And the weather cooperated too. We loved Paul!! His level of detail was outstanding. He took us through issues we didn't even know were issues. Even down to the gear. Paul was fantastic! I walked away realizing that before Paul's instruction, I didn't even know some of the questions I should be asking. Paul covered it for us, and it was a terrific introduction to kayaking. I am so happy that my family went through this class. Although I am still very far from graduating beyond a novice, I do feel more confident now with taking my family on some simple kayak trips. I feel much more prepared thanks to Paul. Thanks again, Marc. It was great fun for all of us. I will recommend you to anyone that wants an introduction to kayaking, or asks me about your other tours as well. Larry 8/8/09 (USA)

Paul Peterson, an Experienced Instructor


I would definitely consider going with your company again and will recommend you to others especially because of your customer service. Nanette 8/6/09 (USA)

Just wanted to send along a note of thanks. We thoroughly enjoyed our Skills and Safety lessons with Paul over the 3 days we spent with him. Paul is a great instructor and very knowledgable about the sport and safety of kayaking. Thanks for all the information on skills and safety you left us with. We truly appreciated all the time you spent with us, Paul and we truly received far more very useful information than we had anticipated we would get from the course. Yes, upon your recommendation, we picked up the book on kayaking by D Hutchinson (great deal at Powell's in Portland) and picked up a few copies for our friends who are considering kayaking as well. We've just been back a day and have already visited our local kayak shop to check out the kayaks, supplies and safety gear. We're off to Costa Rica for the month of December and have begun checking out the kayaking possibilities out there. As you can tell, we really enjoyed our time with Kayak Tillamook and again, a big THANK YOU to both of you and we can't wait to tell our friends of our great experience!
Vi 8/1/09 (Canada)

I believe I can fly! (A Brown Pelican)

Thanks again for a wonderful paddle with my family... they had a great time and only minorly complained of being sore today (which is a good sign). I'm sure I can get them out again with y'all. Jessica 5/4/08

I've finally got to my computer. Caileigh and I had a great trip. Thanks for these great pictures, they bring back such great memories of such a fun time we shared. We still talk about it, and Caileigh still reminds me about whacking her with my paddle!!! Thanks again for a great time Marc. Jan 8/28/07

The kayaking was great. I would have emailed earlier, but I've been having trouble with AOL. Paul was wonderful, so friendly and flexible dealing with such a diverse group. Ole 7/3/07

The tour was just fantastic! I had a great time and so did both of my guests. Both my sister and I were - and are - extremely impressed with Brenda. Her professionalism, coupled with her friendliness of spirit, are to be commended. I am particularly impressed with the way she made a point to learn everyone's name and make then feel right at home on the tour. I had such a good time on the trip - my first kayak trip - that I went out late last week and bought two new kayaks from Wheeler Marina. Since I particularly liked the Necky Santa Cruz that I was in at Sand Lake, I bought two of them. I remember Brenda saying that if you ever get a kayak, be sure to get a good paddle. I think I did; I got the ones that cost right at $100. Even though I now have my own kayak(s), I still would like to take advantage of my current membership and make some other trips with you folks. Thanks again, Marc, for everything. Please keep in touch. Richard 2/26/07

Sand Lake

Thanks so much for sending us these pictures, but especially thanks for such a great afternoon on the river! We really loved exploring the Nehalem and the sloughs from the vantage point of a kayak, and are looking forward to another trip again sometime soon. Thanks again. Please keep in touch. Julie & Sandie 2/8/07

Thanks for the pictures and the trip. We had a great time. We told all of our friends and family and they are jelous. I will send them your way. Dave 2/8/07

Thank you kindly for today's trip on the Nehalem. It felt good to get out and stretch my eyes (and my arms!) a bit. You did a very nice job with the guiding. I felt perfectly safe and pleasantly entertained in your care. The cider and trail mix were a nice touch! Oh, and a special thanks for letting me get a little independent out on the water--sometimes it's nice to be with a group of like-minded souls and sometimes it's nice to be a little more solo. Since today was so enjoyable, I'll look forward to signing up for another tour. I'll keep an eye on your website, but if you see a tour coming up that you think I'd enjoy, don't hesitate to tell me about it.
Diane 2/4/07

Many thanks for the great kayak tour this past Monday. We all had a wonderful time, everything exceeded our expectations. Our guide Mark was super. When we come back again next fall (hopefully), we will try another tour for sure. Thanks again. Al 10/25/06

Hoquarton Slough

Just wanted to let you know that our trip yesterday with Paul was really really good. He was a fantastic guide and was very good with instruction and safety concerns. He had a good sense of humor to put up with us too. We all also agree that you were very responsive to our emails and trip setup-which we highly appreciate. All of us will definitely be coming back for another trip. Thanks again for everything Chris 10/22/06

Good morning Marc, My husband and I were part of a group that went out on Sand lake on October 7th. We had a great time and would like to get the pictures that were taken. Thanks again for the great day and thank you for the pictures. Cathy 10/18/06

Hi Marc, Kyle and I thoroughly enjoyed the the morning on the bay. Thanks again for a great day. chris 10/14/06

Wanted to let you know that my husband and i went on the Hoquarton slough kayak trip with Jackie and just had a blast! We were very impressed with the professionalism, instructions, maps, how to sign up - just everything was wonderful. Jackie was very gracious and patient with us (me especially) and boy oh boy did we learn alot about paddle strokes, kayak designs, equipment, getting in and out of the kayak (my nemis!) not to mention the slough itself. Even the weather cooperated! You can expect to see our names signing up for more tours and I'm even giving your name and address to our computer illiterate parents to see if they maybe can keep gift certificates in mind for gifts -Dave and I would LOVE it. Thanks again for running such a "tight ship" and the wonderful opportunity you are providing for us novice kayakers so close to home. Gayle and Dave 8/29/06

Yes, it was a beautiful night. The full moon was running low this month, so it never got above about 40 degrees over the horizon, but it was still gorgeous and gave plenty of light. We saw some beavers, and lots of bats picking off insects right over our heads. Wind was calm, and easy paddling. Jim 7/19/06