Worker Owned & Operated

Guide and Owners
(left to right): Marc Hinz, Jackie Russell, Cheryl Rorabeck-Siler, Capt. Paul Peterson. Water rescue and instruction training with Ginni Callahan, Summer '06.

We receive regular trainings in water rescue, safety and technique, maintain current 1st Aid/CPR Certifications, and are registered with the Oregon State Marine Board. Most of us our guides have been awarded a professional 2 Star Certifications from the British Canoe Union and are aspiring 3-Star Award contenders.

KTC was founded by six residents of Tillamook County with backgrounds in education, commercial fishermen and logging. Capt. Mark Wittwer, Brenda Wallace and Jackie Russell have all moved on, while Capt. Paul Peterson, Cheryl Rorabeck, and Marcus Hinz remain as founding owners. Marcus currently serves as the elected Principal Executive Officer for the company.

New owners include Kyle Lee, Jim Fanjoy and Josh Uithof. Here is a little bit about us.

Captain Paul Peterson: At the age of 8 years old he helped his family operate a boat rental company on Netarts Bay. His professional career includes 15 years as a commercial fishing boat captain and experience working in the coastal forests as a logger.

Cheryl Rorabeck: Biology teacher for 12 years at Tillamook High School, animal rescue volunteer specializing in raptors for the Wildlife Center of the North Coast, and current business owner of Wild Eye Imagery, a nature photography company.

Marcus Hinz: As the former Director of Continuing and Community Education at Tillamook Bay Community College he founded the Watershed Activities To Estuary Recreation program (WATER), which won the 2005 Gene Leo Memorial Award at the Governor’s Conference on Tourism. His background in public events include being the Executive Director of the Oregon County Fair, the Public Events Coordinator for Portland Parks and Recreation, and a rascally campus organizer at Portland State University (where he also took classes).

Guide and Owners
Water rescue and instruction training with Gini Callahan, Winter '05. Ginni Callahan - Owner Columbia River Kayaking (lower left); Brenda Wallace (upper left); Capt. Mark Wittwer (center); Cheryl Rorabeck (right).

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