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Been apprehensive for years about getting your butt in a kayak seat for the first time? Just wanting to up your paddling technique? Interested in learning advanced trip planning for our complicated coastal waterways which are subject to combined forces of ocean tides, river currents, waves and surface currents from wind?

Don’t worry, be happy. We got calm safe lakes, we got rough coastal bays and everything in between. There is a perfect place for your participation in our our classes and lessons in our neck of the water. Don’t wait a moment longer.

This training provides a more thorough discussion of safety and trip planning skills for excursions in Tillamook County coastal waterways. Learn about the combined ...
Experience: Average
Fitness: Average
2.5 hours
Practice and Paddle Tour (Location Varies)
A perfect introduction to kayaking! In this training you will spend half your time practicing and the other paddling and exploring Lake Lytle and Cresent Lakes, located ...
Experience: Low
Fitness: Low
2.5 hours
Tillamook Trifecta (Garibaldi)
This all day experience combines several regular trips (The Three Graces, Crab Harbor and Miami Cove) into one experience! We will visit seas stacks in Tillamook Bay, ...
Experience: Average
Fitness: High
7 hours