Garibaldi Bay & Harbor

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Gulls, Brown Pelicans, Harbor Seals and more greet you at this working fishing harbor. Adjoining Tillamook Bay, Garibaldi Harbor serves as the starting point for three Kayak Tillamook tours: Miami River, the Three Graces, and the Garibaldi Bay and Harbor tour. Once Garibaldi Harbor was the center of a large logging economy, but as that industry waned the commercial and sport fishing industry rose. Crabbing off Pier's End is also common for those looking for a bit of dinner.

There are no tours upcoming tours for Garibaldi Bay & Harbor at this time. See about booking a private tour!

Kayak Tours by Appointment for Garibaldi Bay & Harbor

ALT Moonlight Tour ALT Apple Cider Tour (Nov.-March)
  • Skills & Safety Paddle
    • Skills & Safety Paddle This training provides a more thorough discussion of safety and trip planning skills for excursions in Tillamook County coastal waterways. Learn about the combined ... Difficulty Level: Medium Conditions Vary +   Buy Now
Medium $75.00
(or $65*)
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  • Garibaldi Bay & Harbor
    • Garibaldi Bay & Harbor If you have never stopped to visit the Port of Garibaldi, you have missed a gem on the Oregon Coast! As one of the last authentic fishing villages, Garibaldi is a ... Difficulty Level: Medium Conditions Vary +   Buy Now
Medium $75.00
(or $65*)
+ Buy Now
  • Tillamook Trifecta
    • Tillamook Trifecta This 6-8 hour experience combines several regular trips (The Three Graces, Crab Harbor and Miami Cove) into one experience! The tides must be aligned perfectly for this ... Difficulty Level: Experienced Conditions Vary +   Buy Now
Experienced $150.00
(or $140*)
+ Buy Now
  • Tillamook Bay Kayak Clamming
    • Tillamook Bay Kayak Clamming Don't fight the crowds along the shore line! Book a kayak clamming excursion instead and paddle out to less traveled to have your pick of the day! We offer bay ... Difficulty Level: Medium Conditions Vary +   Buy Now
Medium $85.00
(or $75*)
+ Buy Now

* if you're willing to accept others with you on your tour, we'll discount your tour $10 dollars per person!