Nehalem Fork North

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The North Fork is one of the major tributaries of the Nehalem estuary. During the 1920's, the North Fork had a splash dam that was used by loggers to corral, then deliver the lumber in a gush of water and logs down into the main Nehalem, to a waiting saw mill downstream in Wheeler. Today, it is popular with fishermen during the seasonal steelhead and salmon runs, but also has a lot to offer kayakers looking to enjoy the above-water views. Restoration of shore plant life was completed in the 1970's and much of the land is now under agricultural use.

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Kayak Tours by Appointment for Nehalem Fork North

ALT Moonlight Tour ALT Apple Cider Tour (Nov.-March)
Behind a small island in the Nehalem River is a discrete little dock which can launch you into the rarely paddled backwaters of the North Fork! Come with us and get lost ...
Experience: Low
Fitness: Average
$75.00 (or $65*)

* if you're willing to accept others with you on your tour, we'll discount your tour $10 dollars per person!