Netarts Bay

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On the bay you can see the Three Arch Rocks National Park and paddle out to the sand spit which makes Cape Lookout State Park an exceptional hiking area

There are no tours upcoming tours for Netarts Bay at this time. See about booking a private tour!

Kayak Tours by Appointment for Netarts Bay

ALT Moonlight Tour ALT Apple Cider Tour (Nov.-March)
  • Netarts Bay
    • Netarts Bay Come paddling on of Oregon's most pristine bays. Still relatively untouched by industry, this bay offers healthy colonies of Harbor Seals which are almost always present ... Difficulty Level: **** Conditions Vary +   Buy Now
**** $75.00
(or $65*)
+ Buy Now
  • Kayak Clamming Netarts Bay
    • Kayak Clamming Netarts Bay Don't fight the crowds along the shore line! Book a kayak clamming excursion instead and paddle out to less traveled to have your pick of the day! We offer bay ... Difficulty Level: **** Conditions Vary +   Buy Now
**** $85.00
(or $75*)
+ Buy Now
  • Sand Dollar Tour
    • Sand Dollar Tour Live Sand Dollars are cute indeed but the voyage to see them by kayak is not an easy float. Be prepared to paddle against wind and incoming tidal current during the ... Difficulty Level: **** Conditions Vary +   Buy Now
**** $85.00
(or $75*)
+ Buy Now

* if you're willing to accept others with you on your tour, we'll discount your tour $10 dollars per person!