Sand Dollar Tour | Sun | 04/08/18 | 03:30pm - 07:00pm

This tour is no longer available for booking.
Netarts Bay Sand Dollar Tour
Price: $65.00
Skill / endurance level: 

Live Sand Dollars are cute indeed but the voyage to see them by kayak is not an easy float. Be prepared to paddle against wind and incoming tidal current during the return trip.

Once at this elusive location of live Sand Dollar beds we will tell you about the interesting life of this very quirky creature and the habitat it thrives in. Sandy muddy bottoms surrounded by eel grass can make them difficult to spot, but these conditions provide habitat to other marine life such as Flatfish, Moon Snails, and juvenile crab.

Find out why these purplish-brown animals usually stand up on end, partially buried in the sand. Sand dollars are echinoderms, and are related to sea stars and urchins. Come find them with us!