Hoquarton Forest

Hoquarton Slough

Paddle this secluded old-growth Sitka Spruce forest via an intimate tidal slough meandering West, away from downtown Tillamook. Within a couple dozen paddle strokes the sounds of downtown fade and this plush forest of big trees will offer shelter from the world outside.

Once accommodating large ocean ships filled with timber, cheese and fish, the Hoquarton now boasts of wildlife such as red tailed hawks, migratory birds, river otters, beaver and the adventurous kayakers who learn about them. Afterwards, stretch your legs on a portion of the Hoquarton Interpretive Trail across the street and walk over to the Tillamook County Pioneer Museum to discover the areas cultural heritage.

Price: $85.00
Experience required: Low
Fitness required: Low
Time offset: 

*First* before paying online, reserve your date and time via this Intake Form or call *Phone Number* (503) 866-4808. See Weather Protocols and Info about re-scheduling and cancellations. No experience necessary for many tours. 48Hr or more typically required. Two (2) person minimum.