Netarts Bay

Historic Netarts Bay

Come paddling on of Oregon's most pristine bays. Still relatively untouched by industry, this bay offers healthy colonies of Harbor Seals which are almost always present along with sea birds and other forms of marine life. Due to the pristine water, Netarts Bay remains a very popular location for clamming and crabbing.

While no experience is required participants should have a high level of endurance, as strong wind and tidal conditions are common here. Afterwards be sure to catch a bite to eat at the Schooner Restaurant and Lounge with its large, covered, outside seating area and view of the bay.

Price: $85.00
Experience required: Average
Fitness required: Average
Time offset: 

*First* before paying online, reserve your date and time via this Intake Form or call *Phone Number* (503) 866-4808. See Weather Protocols and Info about re-scheduling and cancellations. No experience necessary for many tours. 48Hr or more typically required. Two (2) person minimum.