Salmon River

Salmon River Ariel

View the gorgeous mountain meadows of popular Cascade Head, salt marshes, and forested mountain sides while relaxing in your kayak. This estuary system is among the most pristine and wildlife inhabited places on the Oregon Coast.

Nestled into a hillside is the Sitka Center, a world acclaimed art and ecology school. Since the late 1970’s three major dikes have been removed on the Salmon River, returning nearly 70% of the historic wetlands to tidal influence and in the 80’s this river became part of the United Nations Biosphere Reserve system.

The quaint and quiet city of Neskowin is a perfect nearby place for those who want to hide away and Lincoln City to the south can provide a more lively stay for those seeking entertainment.

Price: $105.00
Experience required: Low
Fitness required: Average
Time offset: 

*First* before paying online, reserve your date and time via this Intake Form or call *Phone Number* (503) 866-4808. See Weather Protocols and Info about re-scheduling and cancellations. No experience necessary for many tours. 48Hr or more typically required. Two (2) person minimum.