Siletz Wildlife Refuge

Siletz Wildlife Refuge
Siletz Wildlife RefugeSiletz Wildlife RefugeSiletz Wildlife Refuge

Navigating through this serene setting you might not guess this wildlife refuge was formerly pastureland diked up to block the ocean tides for dairy cows.

These protected salt marshes, brackish marshes, tidal sloughs, and mudflats now provide nursery grounds for Coho, Chinook Salmon, Steelhead and Cutthroat Trout, and other anadromous species.

Raptors roost on large woody debris (placed in the marsh to improve habitat) to hunt for many species of waterfowl and rambunctious rodents. However, the energetic otters are not likely on their menu, as they playfully bounce between different marine and land habitats foraging for their next meal of crustaceans, fish, bird eggs and chicks. Learn More Here:

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