Skills & Safety Paddle

Skills and Safety Paddle

This training provides a more thorough discussion of safety and trip planning skills for excursions in Tillamook County coastal waterways. Learn about the combined dangers of river currents, tidal influences, debris flows, and coastal wind patterns. This training takes place on a river or bay where you will be exposed to moderate levels of river and/or tidal currents.

Greater emphasis is placed on practice time and refinement of paddling strokes, maneuvers techniques and launching your kayak. You are encouraged to bring your own equipment if you have it.

Our professional guides will introduce additional stroke and maneuver techniques, wet exits and assisted re-entry, and proper use of rescue equipment. Participants will have the option of practicing wet exits and assisted re-entries if proper conditions exist.

Price: $85.00
Experience required: Average
Fitness required: Average
Time offset: 

*First* before paying online, reserve your date and time via this Intake Form or call *Phone Number* (503) 866-4808. See Weather Protocols and Info about re-scheduling and cancellations. No experience necessary for many tours. 48Hr or more typically required. Two (2) person minimum.