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Oregon's Coastal Eco Tour & Guide Service


Understanding the following information will help you navigate our services and ensure your group has the best experience on the water. Our guide staff are professionally trained, 3rd party certified, and registered with the Oregon State Marine Board.

Your level of fitness and experience with non-motorized watercraft experience will be matched with the best of 2 dozen options we have. Keep in mind that afternoon coastal winds, fresh water river currents, and ocean tides which change direction 4-6 times per day create complicated trip planning scenarios. The more we know about your group and the sooner we know it, the more successful we will be in finding the perfect experience for your group.

We transport our kayaks and gear to different launch locations along our 100 mile service area making last minute inquiries and/or changes difficult for us to accommodate. While many groups book with us weeks or months in advance, but we do our best to honor requests that come in within 72 hours of the intended departure date.

Beginners and novices welcome! Encounter river otters, harbor seals, mink, elk, raptors and seabirds while paddling your own kayak or sharing a tandem. Thermoses of Organic Hot Apple Cider are provided November through March each Winter!! Find our tour options one of three ways:

1. Click on "Where We Go" and browse waterways, then select a tour scheduled for that location, or
2. Click on "Tours" and then "Upcoming Tours" to view our current scheduled tours, or
3. Click on "Tours" and then "Tours By Appointment" to complete and Intake Form request for a special outing.