Where We Go

Astoria, Warrenton, Gearhart

  • Trestle Bay
    • Trestle Bay Launching from sandy beaches along the Columbia River you are likely to witness the passage of huge ocean freighters on the way to experience Trestle Bay (a.k.a. "Jetty ... +  View Tours

Manzanita, Nehalem, Wheeler

  • Nehalem Fork North
    • Nehalem Fork North One of the major tributaries of the Nehalem estuary. While no longer visible, a splash dam once facilitated logging activities in the 1920's. Restoration of the area was ... +  View Tours
  • Nehalem Bay
    • Nehalem Bay Site of a 16th century Spanish shipwreck that hasn't been identified, yet pieces of its cargo still wash up on shore. Nehalem Bay State Park adjoins this Bay for those ... +  View Tours
  • Nehalem River
    • Nehalem River With the mountains of Oswald State park etching the skyline to the North, the Nehalem River is big and beautiful with several narrow side channels to explore. The river ... +  View Tours

Rockaway, Garibaldi

  • Miami Cove and River
    • Miami Cove and River One of five rivers that flow into Tillamook Bay, the Miami River collects eight creeks as it descends 1,872 ft on its way down from its lush mountainous course before it ... +  View Tours
  • The Three Graces
    • The Three Graces Local painters strive to grasp the peace of the silent sentinels that mark the area's tide pools, which can be viewed at low tides. The Three Graces are three stone ... +  View Tours
  • Garibaldi Bay & Harbor
    • Garibaldi Bay & Harbor Gulls, Brown Pelicans, Harbor Seals and more greet you at this working fishing harbor. Adjoining Tillamook Bay, Garibaldi Harbor serves as the starting point for three ... +  View Tours
  • Crescent & Lytle Lake
    • Crescent & Lytle Lake Lake Lytle is inside the town limits of Rockaway Beach. Explore Crescent lake via a small cozy stream that joins the two bodies of water. Lake Lytle also has a public ... +  View Tours

Tillamook, Bay City

  • Tillamook River
    • Tillamook River While viewing abundant bird life above, many species of fish will be swimming below you like Chinook Salmon (spring/fall) Coho, Chum, Steelhead (summer/winter) Cutthroat ... +  View Tours
  • Kilchis River and Point
    • Kilchis River and Point Once named after a respected leader of the Tillamook people this area still offers a pristine experience for paddlers wanting to see old growth spruce from the vantage ... +  View Tours
  • Hoquarton Forest
    • Hoquarton Forest Coastal native tribes once used this waterway as access for inland hunting and gathering, and it provided settlers a supply route and a connection to the rest of the ... +  View Tours
  • Hall Slough
    • Hall Slough River otters are often seen up in this tidal salt marsh area, where Sitka Spruce speckle the waters edge and the grumpy big blue heron scolds when disturbed ... +  View Tours

Netarts, Oceanside, Cape Meares

  • Netarts Bay
    • Netarts Bay On the bay you can see the Three Arch Rocks National Park and paddle out to the sand spit which makes Cape Lookout State Park an exceptional hiking area ... +  View Tours
  • Cape Meares Lake
    • Cape Meares Lake Paddle right by several beaver lodges and take your chances to see a resident herd of Roosevelt Elk which hang out on Bay Ocean Spit at dusk and dawn ... +  View Tours

Pacific City

  • Sand Lake
    • Sand Lake An abundant mix of marine life flowing in and out of this shallow coastal bay offers exceptional and frequent sightings of critters like crab and flounder ... +  View Tours
  • Nestucca Bay
    • Nestucca Bay Brown pelican use this Bay as foraging habitat in summer and early fall, while the Nestucca Bay Refuge provides winter habitat for many migratory birds ... +  View Tours
  • Little Nestucca River
    • Little Nestucca River Paddle through the center of the Nestucca Bay Refuge for exceptional viewing of birds on their annual migrations routes up and down the Pacific Flyway ... +  View Tours
  • Nestucca River
    • Nestucca River Sea going steamers once transported many early pioneers on this river, flowing through the center of Pacific City, but today we prefer to just paddle it. ... +  View Tours

Lincoln City

  • Salmon River
    • Salmon River In the 80's this estuary system became part of the United Nations Biosphere Reserve after numerous dykes where removed and it's tidal waters restored ... +  View Tours
  • Devil's Lake
    • Devil's Lake Even though it’s not very visible from Highway 101, Devils Lake is a 685 acre lake which spans the entire length of the city of Lincoln City. If offers a leisurely paddle ... +  View Tours
  • Siletz River
    • Siletz River Let's meander leisurely down this heavily forested river, which curves and bends through steep terrain etched out by eons of river flow granted by the coastal mountain ... +  View Tours
  • Siletz Bay
    • Siletz Bay Experienced paddlers should take a chance on this very photogenic waterway! Above the water, sun-bleached branches from fallen trees reach out to share stories of their ... +  View Tours
  • Siletz Wildlife Refuge
    • Siletz Wildlife Refuge Navigating through this serene setting you might not guess this wildlife refuge was formerly pastureland diked up to block the ocean tides for dairy cows. These ... +  View Tours