Land Sea Tour Combo

Private Group Arrangement Only
Private groups (4 min) can combine any one Oregon Coast Tours land adventure with any Kayak Tillamook Custom/Specialty Tour for only $140.00 person.
A meal stop can be arranged in advance! Call Oregon Coast Tours now to schedule your adventure 503.880.9711 or visit their website.
County Waterfalls Tour
Let us carry you away on this signature tour to uncover some of the County's hidden gems in the form of cascading whitewater. Tillamook County has some of the fines waterfalls in the region, but most don't know how to find them!
Secret Vista Tour
Join one of the County's most unique tour options! We will go out into the hinterlands to find some viewpoints that only a local guide with 30 years experience would know. Come see the county the way it was meant to be seen!
Cheese-Winery & Brewhouse Tour
We are proud to offer a tour that will cater to the decadent tastes that one can pallet around this bountiful County. We will visit a desert winery, artisan cheese factory and finish up with the area's finest microbrew!
Fair Dairyland Tour
With Oregon Coast Tours you will get the opportunity to not only taste the products of the County's bountiful dairies, you'll also get to see, smell and touch the industry first hand. We will bring you along to see a truly unique sight of the inner workings of some local dairy farms!