Tillamook Trifecta

Tillamook Trifecta
Tillamook TrifectaTillamook TrifectaTillamook TrifectaTillamook Trifecta

This 6-8 hour experience combines several regular trips (The Three Graces, Crab Harbor and Miami Cove) into one experience! The tides must be aligned perfectly for this trip to be possible, and determines the length of the paddle.

We will visit seas stacks in Tillamook Bay, visit a sheltered natural harbor for relaxation and end with a scenic trip into a small river/cove area with historic significance. Waterproof Smart Phone camera bags will be provided free for participants to document their fun and share with friends and family.

NOTE: Only seriously fit paddlers with prior kayaking experience should join this tour, as we fully expect to encounter tidal current, unpredictable coastal winds and moderate waves. For those wishing an introduction to how coastal estuaries function, what trip planning factors to consider, how to read tide charts and practicing their technical skills along the way, this is a perfect option.

Kayaks and all gear provided, participants should bring food and beverages for the day; wet or dry suits recommended but not required.


Price: $150.00
Experience required: High
Fitness required: High

*First* before paying online, reserve your date and time via this Intake Form or call *Phone Number* (503) 866-4808. See Weather Protocols and Info about re-scheduling and cancellations. No experience necessary for many tours. 48Hr or more typically required. Two (2) person minimum.